OSA Nonlethal Pistol PB-4-2 

OSA Non Lethal Pistol PB-4-2The OSA nonlethal pistol PB-4-2 is a multipurpose, compact, nonlethal handgun which is capable of reliably stopping the assailant with minimal risk of fatal damage. It is compact, light, high precision.

Caliber: 18.5 x 55
Ammunition: impact shock (rubber bullet), flashbang (stun)
Pyrotechnical cartridges: signal, light, pepper gel

Length: 130 mm
Height: 119 mm
Width: 39 mm
Weight (unloaded): 0.35 kg
Capacity: 4 cartridges

You must have a license (Erwerbserlaubnis) to purchase the OSA PB-4-2 in Germany.

Short film about the OSA nonlethal pistol PB-4-2


wasp nonlethal





Graph showing how the energy of rubber bullets changes depending on distance


Ammunition / Pyrotechnical cartridges


Rubber bullet 
blueline110 3

impact110px GHS pictogram explos.svgStopping power is achieved by the pain shock of a large caliber heavy rubber bullet
Effective range: no less than 1 m - 35 m
Bullet weight: 11.6 g • Initial kinetic energy of the bullet: 90 J
Accuracy (R 100): 150 mm at 35 m


Flashbang (stun)
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flash110px UN transport pictogram 1.4.svgStopping power is achieved by an extremely loud shot report and blinding muzzle blast
Light force: 5 000 000 candela Effective range: 1 - 3 m
Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m downrange: 145 dB


blueline110 3

signalFlare color - red, yellow, green  
Altitude: 120 - 140 m Duration: 4 - 6 seconds
Flare visibility: day: 2 km; night: 5 km


blueline110 3

lightningAltitude: 70 - 85 m
Duration: 4 seconds
Flare light force: 100 000 candela


Pepper gel
blueline110 3

pepperOnly to be used against animals!
Range: 5 m Volume: 4.5 ccm
Diameter of the mark when shot from a distance of 5 meters: 50 cm